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Logistical Styles

Logistical Styles is a DJ and producer based in Atlanta, GA. His instrumental beats use elements of hip-hop and combine them with the experimental sounds often found in electronic music. Logistical Styles was previously known as D.J. Logic when he was just a club and party DJ in the early ’90s and 2000’s. He began producing beats as Logistical Styles on 2005 while sometimes switching between the D.J. Logic moniker. In 2011 He began producing exclusively as Logistical Styles. Logistical Styles was born and raised on Long Island, New York where he grew up listening to hip-hop in it’s earliest forms. In 1991 a year after creating his first DJ setup he moved to Atlanta Georgia to finish out high school. It was there, in Atlanta where he crafted his skills as a DJ and begin to experiment with production techniques. His love for hip-hop, and a diverse musical background from working as a DJ help his beats defy any classification while maintaining a street credability that is undeniably Hip-Hop. His influences include, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Pete Rock, Gangstarr.

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Keep It Up
Disco Funk
Drum N Tech
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